It’s Shopping Season Already?!?!

Holy Moly did that sneak up on me quick! I bet there are some of you that have everything bought and maybe even wrapped! Kudos to you and I wish I was more like you. Unfortunately I end up waiting to the last possible moment to buy gifts for extended family. I also wait until the last minute with my kids because they change their mind often and what they told Santa at the beginning of the season is not what they want by Christmas Eve! The older two are getting better with age, but my 10 year old, sadly, has not. He will go as far as to write a note for our Shelf Elf, Oreo, to give to Santa just days before Christmas. I think he just likes to give Santa a run for his money or it’s his way to test to see if Santa truly exists!

As a stamper, I am always asking for Santa to buy me craft supplies, but alas, I never get them under the tree anymore. As a kid I would get paint brushes, art boxes, Play-Doh, or whatever medium I was into at that age. Most of my family does not paper craft like I do, so they have no idea what to buy or even where to begin shopping. Well, Stampin’ Up! has made it so easy for stampers, like myself, to make a wish list to email or text to family and friends so they can look it up online! How cool is that? Then they can pick any of the items on the list and have them delivered straight to the stamper’s door. Who doesn’t love a surprise Stampin’ Up! box delivered to the door? Family and friends can even have it delivered to their door so they can wrap and hand deliver the perfect gift. Either way the stamper gets a gift they know they will love and use.

If you have never made a Wish List on the Stampin’ Up! online store, take a look at this short 3 minute video on how to do it. It is as easy as a bridal or baby registry, but 100 times more fun!

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