Safari Celebration Paper Pumpkin Kit

After my last post I felt good about creating again. I finished up the Paper Pumpkin kit I was working on and picked the Safari Celebration kit from February 2022 to work on. It is such a cute kit, but the cards were a little bland for the cute cut outs that came with it. Little by little I tried making alternate cards after scrolling through Pinterest for a while.

I wish I would have pinned the cards I saw, but alas I didn’t. The ones I am posting today are not exact copies of what I found, but some are closer than others. Thank you for the wonderful people who came up with alternates for us to copy 😃 Anyway, here is what I came up with.

The first two pics are of a fun fold I saw while scrolling through Pinterest. I am always looking for cute folds that hide my writing. I do not care for cards that have little to no writing space!

I need a bunch of birthday cards to start mailing out again, so all of these have some sort of birthday greeting. I figured if I started sending out smiles again, then maybe I would find mine a bit easier. 😊

If you, or someone you love, are in need of a smile, email me at and I will gladly send a card to brighten your day!

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