Hello Old Friends!

How are you doing? I hope your Thanksgiving was full of smiles!

I have been battling the flu and now what looks like a sinus infection, 😩. However, yesterday we went out and bought a new Christmas tree, some decorations, and I also snuck in other crafting supplies!

I have been making cards by the hundreds lately, trying to use up my older papers to spread smiles around the US. In August I started out by sending 49, then in September I mailed out 158 smiles! In October I slowed down a bit, but still mailed out 94 smiles and so far this month I am at 129! Now to stock up on cards again for December smiles, not to mention Christmas cards, but those I cheat at and mail out photo cards for friends and family.

But, this weekend I wanted to change it up a bit, so I set aside my card making supplies (gasp), to make some other things. It has been a long time since I have made “crafts” because my paper crafts took over my office. I’m not talking with just card making supplies, but with gel press printing supplies, and collage supplies (still trying to get the hang of it with my symmetrical brain)! Collage takes up A LOT of space! I have been collecting old books, like dictionaries, magazines, bits of paper, like receipts, brochures, paper bags, OMG, everything and anything I can stick into a collage, 😂!

Now that I pushed aside my paper crafting supplies a bit (this really did not leave me with a lot of room on my table), I plugged in my glue gun and got to work!

Look at this adorable little guy! Isn’t he the best? He makes me smile and that’s what it is all about! Smiles!

His little profile is adorable too!

So, today I proclaim it Gnome Making Day! We will see how many I make (I have enough supplies to make 7 more), but there is always a store near by to get more, 😂!!

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