Simple Shaker Card

Wow! This week just flew by! I must have been in a daze for most of it. I have come to the conclusion that multitasking as I get older gets harder! Remote school is not for the faint hearted. These teachers are awesome at trying to keep the kids engaged while not being able to control the outside distractions like they can in a classroom. Let’s face it, when kids don’t like what’s on the TV they either change the channel or they distract themselves with something else. Now imagine a kid who is bored by the lesson! If a parent is unavailable to help keep them focused then they easily fall into the old TV habit. I’m not perfect. I cause my own distractions with my son (like snickering at something another student said, making comments, or talking to my other kids or husband without leaving the room). But, I try to help him by reminding him that when someone on the screen is talking, he should be listening just in case he has the same question. Anyway, I commend our teachers and love how hard they are working to keep these kids engaged.

With that, while listening to a science lesson, I decided to try my hand at the new Simple Shaker or Faux Shaker card. I had been dying to make something fun with the Zany Zebras set and this was the perfect card to use it on. Just looking at that little zebra makes you want to smile!

What is awesome about this card is that you don’t have to create the frame to keep the shaker filler in with foam adhesive. The shaker filler is contained in a clean envelope that is wrapped around the card front before it is attached to the card base. The other benefit is that the filler won’t stick to the sides of the foam adhesive! The zebra and ribbon are then adhered to the outside of the clean envelope. Check out my video to see what I’m trying to explain.

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